Hi, i’m Nicole! I love to eat and cook.  Some of my favorites are slow meals that are better than the grocery store, like canned applesauce, beans, butters, etc.

I will be starting a masters program in biology soon, and am already in school mode! Because of this, I am also in budget mode. While studying for my bachelors in biology, I did not have to worry about budgeting and got to eat all the good foods. I specifically remember fueling my body before micro tests with smoothies that had expensive powders (spirulina, wheat grass, maca, beet root), hemp and chia seeds, frozen mixed berries (the exotic ones that had pomegranate seeds and cranberries), and a bunch of other delicious, expensive goodies. With that said, living on my own now and going back to school soon, I now need to eat foods that are in my budget.  The Harvest Spoon will be where I post wholesome recipes while having a more frugal mindset.  Enjoy!